Writing With Confidence – 4 Steps To Becoming A Confident Writer

November 8, 2011

in Freelance Writing

Writing with confidence is something you will have to build up overtime, but it doesn’t come easily, it requires dedication to the cause. You need to get to a point where you feel great about your writing, and know that it is on a par with writers you admire. Here are 4 key steps you must take to achieving that level of confidence.

1. Read A Broad Selection of Material

Novels, newspapers, manuals; if it has been written by someone who writes for a living it is worth reading and studying for style and voice. Remember: there is no one correct way to write, and you will bear witness to many differing styles on your journey. However, along the way you will also realize many standards that need to be adhered to. The more you read the more confident you will become, and it won’t be long before these influences start to penetrate your work and elevate your ability.

2. Take Your Time Crafting a Masterpiece

You can’t write a perfect piece in one draft, although it must be said, it often feels that way when words are free falling onto the page in spectacular fashion. Thing is, you will see immediately on a second reading, that attention is needed in a variety of areas; for example, you will need to pay particular attention to ambiguous sentences, and re-craft them for clearer definition.  There is also likely to be a number of grammatical and spelling errors that require attention.

3. Study Your Art Profusely

Writing is an art, and any writer will tell you that writing a book, for example, is one of the hardest endeavors one can attempt. To become great, and not just good, you need to put in hard study. Make it your duty to learn something new about writing every day. You can start by reading blogs like this one.

4. Put Your Work Out There For Critique

You need feedback to know where you are at, and no better way to start that to just put yourself out there for others to knock you down or build you up. Don’t be scared; you need this. Leverage from Facebook and Twitter to attract readers by posting/Tweeting links to your work. Facebook also has a great “notes” function where you can pen an article and invite readers in your friends list. You need to go beyond the critique of your mum – who will of course always say you are wonderful – and put your work out there for the masses to digest!

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