Motivational Writing Tips – 5 Reasons To Keep Writing

July 14, 2011

in Creative writing

Enjoy The Stages of Development 

Right now you might be a little frustrated. Perhaps people keep pointing out mistakes in your work or maybe you just can’t find your voice. Don’t get disheartened. One day you will look back on this phase and smile with affection. If you write every day you will progress quickly, and within no time at all you will cringe at your past work and look proudly upon your new writings. Enjoy every step on your way to success.

Your Words Will Live On

It might sound bleak, but your words will outlive you. Whether they sit on a manuscript somewhere or in a published book, you will leave your mark on the world, even if only for friends and family. Don’t forget, many great authors became famous once they died; Jane Austen, Anne Frank and Theodore Winthrop spring to mind.

Your Words Can Change Lives

Changing the life of just one person is a life well lived, and that is what your words are capable of doing. With the Internet opening up the stage for new writers, you have the scope to reach a far greater audience than just family and friends. For every complimentary comment you receive on your blog, to every email that drops into your inbox from a person touched by your words, you will be rewarded with knowing you have changed someone’s life in some way.

You Need This Self Expression

Writing is a great release. Don’t think about the money or the fame, the compliments or the respect. Think about self-satisfaction and self-expression. Writing let’s you unleash your thoughts and opinions on the world. It helps defragment your brain, relieving you of pent up thoughts and stress. Writing lets you spill your mind onto a page in a whirl of creativity. It is a beautiful thing to be able to do. So be thankful for your hands and fingers.

One Day It Will Happen To You

With diligence and passion combined you will become a great writer, and one day a legion of fans will appreciate your work. You may not have realised this yet, and it may all seem like a dream, but there is only one thing to do, and that is to keep writing. Success can start with a simple guest blog post or a trial at a local paper, and like most doors in life, once one opens, so does another.

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Kasoma chishimba May 2, 2014 at 9:36 am

A person who moves a mountain starts by caring away small stones, so little by little a person can progress


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