How To Write Faster – 5 Tips For Speed Writing

November 9, 2011

in Writing Style

1. Do Your Research First

If you are writing a piece that requires the inclusion of statistics, facts, truths and or general knowledge, then get the research done before sitting down to write. Holes in your research will have you scratching your head and pondering; not good for speedy writing. I find it is best to do the research in a separate session; that way you will feel refreshed, fully prepared fully optimized for fast writing.

2. Don’t Worry About Your First Draft

If you stop at scrutinize every word as you go, rest assured you will write as slow as a snail. Let your thoughts dance across the page and worry about editing later. Remember: there will always be a second draft, so stop fretting over the first one.

3. Use … To Progress Quickly

This is my secret tool. Whenever I am stuck on a particular word or sentence, yet know what I want to write after that particular point, I simply write “…” and move on, of course with the intention of coming back later. Often the “…” appears suddenly in my mind, at which point I go back and quickly put down what I want to say. Using the “…” strategy helps me to write much faster.

4. Leave Notes As You Go

You will find that ideas spark ideas, however, these new ideas, if followed, may require looking up websites or research in books. In this case, the best thing to do is to leave a note for yourself in the text and keep going. New ideas can drag you off on tangents that will slow your writing down.

5. Turn Off Distractions

If something can distract you then it probably will. Turn off your mobile, or at least put it on silent. Close Twitter, Facebook, and even go offline for a while. Focus in solely on the task of writing. Distractions will not only slow your writing down, but may halt it altogether.

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