How To Write a Landing Page – 7 Expert Tips

July 25, 2011

in Copywriting

1. A Killer Headline

You need a killer headline that answers all the needs of the person landing on your page. So, for example, if you want someone to opt-in for your dating tips book your headline could be, “Learn The Tips That Have Enabled Thousands of Men To Achieve Massive Success With Women”

The headline above uses “buzz words” to indicate that an abundance of men have already achieved success through the tips, and that the success has been massive.

You can also use a secondary headline if you have another important impact to make. For example, “50 Awesome Tips You Must Know”

2. Keep It Above The Fold

For maximum impact you need to make sure your opt-in box is visible as soon as the user lands on the page. Don’t make the user scroll or have to search for ages to see what they are looking for. Have your headline, opt-in box and main text above the fold. A killer landing (opt-in) page should really have no scroll at all, although strategy wise there are exceptions to this rule.

3. Keep Text Short and Sweet

Long winded paragraphs are a distraction from the main purpose, which in this case is obtaining the browser’s email address. A small paragraph of text aligned right or left  – depending on your preference – of the opt-in box is ideal. For example, “Get these awesome dating tips delivered to your inbox immediately. Start succeeding with women today!”

Instead of a couple of sentences or short paragraph, it is often more effective to use bullet points/ticks that line up next to your box and call to action, for example:

  • Attract hot women on a daily basis…
  • Achieve more phone numbers than ever before…
  • No more lip flapping and rejection…

4. Draw Attention To Your Opt-in Box

You will often see red arrows used by marketers to draw attention to opt-in boxes. Sometimes these are animated to draw the eye towards the box. This strategy leads the user to the desired call to action.

5. Include a Testimonial Box

Many landing pages use a testimonial box to back up the claims of the headline and bullet points. The testimonial is usually accompanied by a picture of the person claiming the success. Make the text in the testimonial box short, concise (no more than 25 words) and compelling. Don’t babble on. instead just tell the person browsing your page exactly what they want to hear.

6. Use A Strong Call To Action

The user needs to know what to do. Make it clear that buttons are buttons, for example, “click here”. Let the user know that they have to enter their email address in the box. Never presume a user will know what to do by being ambiguous. Guide the user seamlessly through the desired process.

7. Keep Split Testing

The likelihood of getting a high converting landing page at the first attempt is small. You must keep testing  different “buzzwords”, colours, calls to action and other aspects to find what works best for you. There is no “one size fits all” in marketing, so keep split testing.

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