How To Write A Business Letter – 4 Standard Rules

July 26, 2011

in Letter Writing

Every letter is an individual affair with specific requirements and specific goals. However, when it comes to writing a business letter there are a few standards one needs to adhere to. These standards will ensure a positive connection with the recipient, and hopefully a lucrative outcome.

 1. Select a Standard Font

Select a simple, well recognised font that is easy to read. Arial or Times New Roman are good preferences. Use size 10-12pt depending on the font type. Whatever you do don’t be tempted to use a larger font to fill space. Steer clear of fancy innovations where fonts and page layouts are concerned. Keep things professional and simple.

2. Always Type a Business Letter

You might think a hand-written letter appears more personal, but unfortunately in the modern day this practice is unacceptable. Compliments slips and thank you letters can be hand written, but this practice is unadvisable if you have poor handwriting. All business letters, however, should be typed.

3. Short and Concise

Don’t try to make letters unnecessarily long. Business letters should be short, concise and to the point – under 350 words where possible. If the letter runs over a page consider producing a supplementary information leaflet or further reading document.

4. Proofread Twice

Always employ a second set of eyes to look over your letter writing. Mistakes can easily slip past the eyes and confuse the message for the recipient. There is nothing more unprofessional than a spelling mistake or grammatical error in a business letter. Check, check and check again is the best advice you can give yourself.

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