How To Cure Writer’s Block In 5 Easy Steps

September 30, 2011

in Freelance Writing

1. Don’t Try Writing

Crazy right? My number one tip is not to write. This might rile the purists but it works for me. I do a release on writing; I just let it go. There is no point in forcing yourself to do something you aren’t inspired to do. Writing is about creativity and inspiration, which can’t be forced. Give yourself some space. Take a step back and indulge you mind in life again; you will soon feel that creativity come flooding back.

2. Write Non-Stop For 20 Minutes

Am I contradicting myself? No. When you feel the inspiration again, don’t wait. Start writing without over thinking about writing. Let your thoughts spill onto the page and don’t come up for air until you need a drink, usually 20-30 minutes for me.

3. Go Back And Seek Out Your Heroes

Who were the writers that got you into writing? Who were your childhood influences? Go back and dig out your heroes. Go back to where it all started and find your passion again. Before you know it the greatness of the writers you admire so much will have you back in the hot seat.

4. Get Some Much Needed Sleep

If the brain is over tired it literally will start to block you from writing. Don’t force yourself, get an early night and wake up bright and breezy ready to put pen to paper/fingers to keys.

5. Don’t Think About The Pulitzer Prize

Raising your expectations of writing an award-winning piece of journalism or a world-renowned novel will cause anxiety around your ability to write. Better to lower your expectations at the beginning and let yourself write free of worry about standards. When you unchain the mind wonderful things happen. Go for it!

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anne devries October 25, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Thankyou so much! This article really helped cure my month long writers block!!


peter October 26, 2011 at 2:18 pm

No worries Anne, thank you for visiting us!


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