7 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

August 3, 2011

in Blog Writing

1. Blog Every 72 Hours

Research has shown that blogs posting new content every 72 hours receive higher levels of traffic, reader loyalty and response. Don’t be a stranger to your blog; keep it regular.

2. Target Keywords In Your Title and Description

To be found organically in the search engines you will need to target highly searched phrases. Whatever subject matter you are writing about, see if you can find a matching keyword phrase using the Google keyword tool on the “exact match” setting. Make sure this keyword phrase also features in your meta- description for that page.

3. Be Humorous

Funny stuff has far more ability to go viral than serious stuff. So try your hand at being funny. Mock a subject, mock yourself, write something silly. Whatever you do make sure it’s appropriate for you readership.

4. RSS Feed

Not every reader that likes your writing will opt-in to receive post updates or your newsletter, but they may like using RSS feeds to stay up to date with the blogs they enjoy reading. Make sure you connect your blog for RSS and display an RSS feed button clearly above the fold.

5. Get Auto Tweeting

If you don’t have time for Twitter don’t worry. By using the WordPress blogging platform you can use an auto-tweet plugin to tweet links to your posts to your followers every hour. This will help you attract new readers and to share your writing with other Twitterers.

6. Leverage Off Of Facebook

Where traffic is concerned Facebook can be more lucrative than Google. Set up a Facebook page and link it into your blog with a “like button”. Then use your writing skills to engage friends and friends of friends on your Facebook page – funnelling them through to your blog. You will be amazed at just how many new visitors you pick up this way.

7. Bring Your Personality To The Page

It goes without saying that the best blogs and the most successful blogs are those written from the soul, the blogs where the writer pours their thoughts and often their inner most feelings onto the page. You don’t need to get emotional every post, but your readers need to connect with you through your writing. Don’t copy or borrow a style, bring your personality to the page. The more of a connection you make with people the more traffic you will grow naturally outside of conventional methods.


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