5 Things To Consider Before You Become A Freelance Writer

August 6, 2011

in Freelance Writing

Being a freelance writer brings freedom. You get the chance to be a lot more creative than being chained to a desk churning out manufactured articles for some coupons company or travel firm. Freelance work brings variety, and you can eat and go to the toilet without being starred at by a demonic boss. But before you chuck in the towel and tell your boss where to go, there are a few things you should consider, because it isn’t all roses on this side of the fence.

1. No More Sick Pay

When you are sick you don’t get paid, that’s a given. You can’t call in sick knowing that your pay check will still be exactly the same as last month. In light of this, you will want to keep yourself as healthy as possible to maximise productivity.

2. Time is Now Money

Time will now be money. What you earn is down to the hours you work, which means sending emails, playing on Facebook and Tweeting are no longer paid activities. Applying for work and quoting jobs are also unpaid, even though they feel like work.

3. Suddenly You Are Also The Accountant

You will now be responsible for paying tax, which means keeping a tight lid on your accounts. You will need to log all income and expenditure. Again, this can be time consuming and is something you will need to schedule in each month.

4. Hello Bad Debt

When you employed, if the company you work for is owed money by a client, you still get your salary in full. When you freelance you may need to chase clients for money, and also be prepared to encounter rogue employers that run up bad debt.

5. No Fringe Benefits

There is no pension scheme, company car or health benefits in this land. No sir, you will need to take care of these expenses yourself.

Freelancing is great, don’t get me wrong, you can go to the gym when you want, work from home, see your partner and/or kids more, work convenient hours and turn jobs you don’t like down. However, making the same money as you would behind a desk is not easy. You must be super efficient and organised, you must schedule your working hours properly and ensure you aren’t distracted from working at home.  It isn’t just getting work you need to worry about. You need to ask yourself if you are the type of person that can be super self-motivated.

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