5 Steps To Become a Freelancer Writer

July 27, 2011

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1. Identify Your Specialist Areas

Most freelance writers can turn their hand to anything if need be, but the importance of specialising as an expert in particular areas rather than selling yourself as a jack of all trades will get you better, higher paid work in the long term. Sit down and identify your strengths and weaknesses, and of course the areas of writing you enjoy. This will steer you in the right direction towards cornering your niche.

2. Speculate To Accumulate

If you are planning on being an article writer/journalist, make a list of the subject matters you are interested in and those you are already knowledgeable in. This will help you identify publications to contact and sample articles/features to write for submission. Don’t shy away from contacting newspapers, magazines, trade publications and websites. If you don’t ask you don’t get, it’s as simple as that. It isn’t always the most talented people that succeed, it is the people that knock on the most doors.

3. Compile a Portfolio

Gather together your best work to date in a portfolio. Make a digital portfolio with each document in PDF format. It is advisable to go over older pieces of work with a fine tooth combe; no doubt your writing will have improved since writing those pieces and they made need some editing. Having easy access to a portfolio is imperative for landing jobs that require fast submission.

4. Use The Digital Space

A website will become your digital business card. Go for a simple and effective design, and make sure the content contains perfect grammar and spelling. Once your website is up and running leverage its potential through a Facebook page, a LinkdIn profile and a Twitter profile. You will be amazed at the amount of opportunities you can find with a Google search and some social networking. Dedicate a couple of hours to digital space research each day.

5. Sign Up to Some Freelancing Websites

There are a number of opportunities to be found on freelancing websites such as guru.com and elance.com. Some freelance writers prefer to stay away from these marketplaces because they feel their reputation will be degraded if they are pitching alongside amateur second jobbers and bulk substandard content writers. However, don’t be deterred. Set your stall out and know your worth. Compose a compelling profile and upload as many work examples as possible. Make sure you link through to your website to up your credibility, and use a professional photo for a personal touch.

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