5 Reasons You Should Self Publish As An Amateur Writer

July 18, 2011

in Book Writing

If you can’t find a publisher to sign up your latest masterpiece then why not do it yourself. You might ask, “What’s the point”? Well, I will give you 5 good reasons to self publish .

1. People Will Take You More Seriously

What good is a singer without a demo? Well then, so what good is an aspiring writer without a book? Once you have a professional looking book in hand to show family, friends, friends of friends, publishers and people within your social networking groups, you will be taken far more seriously as a writer. There is something about having that finished product that makes people sit up, listen and take notice. Make sure you hire an editor so the book really does look professional, or at the very least get two or three trusted people with great grammar skills to read over it before going to print.

2. A Great Promotional Tool

With book in hand you can now start dropping copies to publishers, friends, libraries and independent bookshops. Furthermore you can set up your own store on your website to sell the book to those you network with both off and online. The choice to sell or give the book away is yours, but do be prepared to give copies away for maximum exposure.

3. Hike Your Confidence

Completing your first book to a professionally edited standard will give you the confidence and energy to go forth and write another. Once you start receiving positive encouragement and comments like, “When are you going to write another”, you will feel compelled to put pen to paper again.

4. Improving Your Writing

Reading on a computer screen or printed A4 paper isn’t the same as physically holding a book and reading it cover to cover. Self-publishing will allow you to read your book from an almost objective angle as a consumer. Having this perspective will exponentially improve your writing going forward. Read your book in the park, on the train, in bed; anywhere you like as you would any normal book.

5. Creating A Landmark Achievement

Goal setting is extremely important for succeeding in any area of life, and writing is no different. Self-publishing will represent a valuable landmark achievement in your progression as a writer, and in your journey towards greater heights in the writing world. Self-publishing will give you that sense of reaching a defining moment in your writing career, and will also encourage you to set bigger and better goals for the future.

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