4 Ways To Make Money Writing Online Today

August 8, 2011

in Online Writing

As a writer there are a number of ways you can make money from sitting behind your computer screen at home. Writing for online resources isn’t the easiest thing to break into, at least not at the top end of the market, but if you are a decent writer with solid grammar skills and the ability to adapt to different markets and use alternative writing tones, you can make good money.  Here are five online writing disciplines you can make money from starting today

1. Blog Posts

Every company and his dog have a blog these days, not to mention the millions owned by Internet marketers. You can command anything from $5 to $20 a post depending on the level of quality an employee wants and the word count involved. Believe it or not good blog writers are very difficult to come by, so bypass the competition on freelance sites and write directly to blog owners.

2. Email Newsletters

Newsletters are a thorn in the side of most companies. Amidst all the things a company has to do in a month, the newsletter usually gets left until last and therefore rushed and often ruined. This is where you come in. The company gives you everything they wish to include and you write the copy for a tidy fee. You will need to connect with the brand and bring the appropriate tone for the target audience.

3. Articles

Like blog posts, many companies and online businesses have an “articles section” on their site. The majority of Internet marketers also hire writers to pen articles for article directories. Again, the pay varies, and in truth this area is not very well paid. However, if you can get $5-10 per article and complete two an hour you will do well do take on four per day in addition to your other work. You will need to make yourself familiar with keyword density and strategic keyword placement before getting involved with this area of writing.

4. Press Releases

Press releases are better paid, although this is dependent on the intention for publication and how broad the distribution will be. Press release writing is an art, and a lot harder than blog post or article writing. Top PR writers earn up to $300 per PR, although as a beginner on the online circuit you will earn around $25 for a 400 word PR. The better your clientele and reputation the more money you can command. Research and study how to structure a PR to the industry standard before you get started.

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