4 Reasons To Get Off Your Bottom And Start A Blog Today

November 18, 2011

in Blog Writing

Blogging is becoming a rite of passage from amateur to professional writer. In fact, the phrase “professional writer” is redundant these days. No longer do you need to take the path of news desk runner to junior journalist, or publishing company tea girl to author. Instead you can carve out your own path using mass exposure methods via the web. And the basis of that exposure is formed by the world of blogging, or Pro Blogging as some are now choosing to refer to the industry. So, why should you get off your bottom and start a blog today?

1. Google Loves You

You are a pretty good writer, right? Well, Google is leaning further and further toward rewarding quality content and content that is shared socially around the web. By rewarding I mean better rankings. So, write it well, share it with friends, get them to share it too, and watch your popularity as a writer rise along with the position of your pages in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

2. It Doesn’t Cost You a Bean

Okay, so you need to pay for an Internet connection, but aside from that, you can set up a WordPress.org or Tumblr blog, for example, for free! This is self-publishing in its most effective form. Being a writer without a blog in 2012 is like being a car without wheels, “you ain’t going no where!”

3. You Can Advertise Your Writing Services On Your Blog

Link to your freelance writing site, have a tab offering writing services, sell an eBook, swap guest posts with other bloggers; the world is your oyster! A blog gives you a gateway into the paid world of writing, although it might seem like a bobby pastime, believe me, there are a lot of people making a living out of blogging these days.

4. Showcase Your Work To The World

The web is growing daily, and more and more people are discovering new blogs to read every minute. Be one of those blogs and let the world stumble upon and share your work on a global scale.

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Ann Cress June 1, 2012 at 4:25 pm

I would like to start a blog for my 5th grade classroom. I need help in getting started… Ann


Damian August 28, 2013 at 6:14 am

Make sure you maintain it though. It’s one thing to make a blog, another entirely to keep it updated with relevant information. I find it quite challenging sometimes. When juggling between my blog and social media, which are both important tools for any writer, I seem to run short on writing time.


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